is the best quality of 100%
natural Teak (Tectona Grandis),
ideal for nautical industry

Teak - Tectona Grandis, known universally as “The King of Hardwoods”, is the most appreciated wood in the nautical industry thanks to its outstanding colour, durability, strength and low weight.

Teak is naturally rich of waterproof oils that provide it with the outstanding durability necessary in a maritime environment.

For these qualities it is especially prized amongst boatbuilders and has for centuries been the benchmark that define a fine quality yacht.

Burma (Myanmar) has historically been the most important source of supply of teak suitable for the marine industry but, in recent years, the importers had to face significant problems.

After the European sanctions of 21 June 2021, due to the coup d'état by the Military Junta, importing from Myanmar has become de facto illegal as this activity would lead to financing the military government.

JST® is the worthy alternative to Burmese Teak. It is a sustainable product, traceable and legal as it comes from naturalized forests.


JST® is FLEGT certified and complies with all European regulations (EUTR and UKTR), while FSC certification can be supplied on request.

With the aim of guaranteeing and protecting this product, JST® is a registered trademark.

Available sizes:

- 22x155x600-3000mm
- 22x105x600-3000mm
- 22x53x600-3000mm

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