About us

40 years experience in sourcing Teak for the Marine Industry

The Teak trade whether from Latin America, Asia or Africa is vast and produces many millions of tons a year, most of which is young growth or poorly maintained which provides a low yield of marine quality material. Taken as a whole, marine grade Teak represents a tiny fraction of less than 1% of the global yield, The standards for our requirement are of the highest possible and it takes lifetimes of experience to find the best quality logs and then from that, the very best quality material that our customers demand.

Yacht and ship construction has historically drawn from Myanmar stock, however, the increasing demand of material, has pushed new sources to comply with the high marine standard. Therefore, JST has been formed to accommodate that shortfall using our decades long relationship with Perhum Perhutani, the Java Teak administrator to market their product.

JST is staffed by a management, technical and administrative structure with over 40 years experience in sourcing Teak for the Marine Industry. We include Yachtsmen and Shipwrights with thousands of sea miles and many yacht builds behind them on our team. Our graders and inspectors have grown up in this trade with skills handed down by their grandfathers and fully understand what is required and why.

Our customers demand the highest possible standards in quality, price and delivery and we are the best qualified organisation in the Marine Timber Industry to complete their supply chain seamlessly and flexibly.