Why teak

There is no substitute for Tectona Grandis, the King of Hardwoods, only imitations.

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is known universally as the “King of Hardwoods” due to its outstanding colour, durability, strength and low weight.

Teak is especially prized amongst boatbuilders for these qualities and has for centuries been the benchmark that defines a fine quality yacht.

This timber is unique in its properties and while many attempts have been made to replicate it whether in plastic or by modifying other timbers, they have always failed and are easy to identify as any yacht salesman, broker or boatbuilder will testify.

Teak is a natural product with a carbon neutral footprint so the more that is cut and planted the more carbon is absorbed by young growth. Teak does not require chemical or heat treatment to give its strength, durability and colour, it is comfortable underfoot in a huge range of temperatures and provides a sure footing on a pitching and rolling deck in either wet or dry conditions.

As yachtsmen we believe that to ask: “Why use Teak on a boat instead of an imitation?”….. is the equivalent of asking a Lady to wear a synthetic diamond – we wouldn’t do it because it’s a fake.